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Monday, December 3, 2018

Best Travel Tips and Tricks Hack How to plan a budget trip

Travel Tips and Tricks Hack How to plan a budget trip:


My 61 Best Travel Tips if you are traveler and opt a holiday package from any travel company, you are not going to opt a package again. This blog is for all those travelers who have passion of traveling and explore the world. Life is too short and lot to explore yet. We are running out of time. So hurry up and invade the places you haven’t stepped in yet even with light pocket. Here you will learn how to Become a Master in Traveling.

Choose a continent:

I never liked the geography subject in my school. It felt it very boring. I used to study geography just to pass the exam. And trust me, after becoming a Traveler, I love geography as I can relate it in my real life and it helps me a lot in my trips. I would suggest you to have a decent knowledge about world map. These days we have google map and internet to get the map easily. 

Let’s start with the destination. Just First thing you need to choose is continent according to you your interest but at the same time you need to keep in mind that how much you can afford. Below are the few basic and important things for any trip. Travel Hacks that Will Make You A Better Traveler.
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·       Select a Continent.

·       Select a country.

·       Find a cheap and fast flight.

·       Dummy Flight.

·       Find accommodation close city center.

·       Tourist places in city.

·       Get the currency.

·       International Debit or Credit card.

·       Get appropriate visa.

·       Keep passport size and visa size photographs always with you.

·       Light weight Luggage.

·       Learn basic words of local language.

·       Food and drinks.

·       Try at least one adventure in a country.

Select a country:

If you are on a very low budget and want to have an international trip, I would suggest you choose ASIA. Asia is very beautiful and under budget as the currency is down in Asia. You can say Aisa is one of the best travel places.   Below are the most popular destinations in ASIA. I will highlight these destination is details later.

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • India
  • Taiwan
  • Hong Kong
  • Maldives
  • Kyoto
  • South Korea

 Find a cheap and fast flight:

After locking a destination, the next thing is to find the cheapest and fastest flight. To keep Best travel backpack with you as you are going to rock. People work in a private/govt company and don’t get long leaves from office. In this case you must choose a fast flight (zero stop flight). Direct flight is always better than a connecting flight. At the same time, you need to mind the fare. You must sort the flight based on fare and duration. Hong Kong tour What is more advisable through tour package or personal trip?

I would suggest planning a trip at least 3 months back. Because later flights’ fare would be going higher. Also search the flight on flexible date as there would be difference in fare on different date. For example, is you are planning to fly on 5th of March, you must also check the flight for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th. And book the flight whichever is cheapest. Do compare same flight fare on different websites and go with the best one.

Dummy Flight Ticket: 

Dummy flight/Dummy itinerary is not the actual flight but it contains all the information like Name, Passport number, Date of departure and arrival and Reference/booking number. If you don’t have you date of travel confirmed, and you want visa, dummy ticket is best option. Or there are flights which are nonrefundable, in case of change in plan you might be having a big loss when canceling ticket. So dummy ticket helps to get visa, you can submit dummy ticket while applying. There are many websites and travel agencies which provide dummy ticket for a very cheap price.

Find accommodation close city center:

Once you have booked the flight, next comes accommodation. Do your homework before visiting any country. In case of finding accommodation, you must spend some time to understand geographical view of country. You must know about connectivity, tourist places in country/city, cheap hotels, culture, basic words of local language as English is not spoken everywhere etc.

I would recommend finding accommodation close to city center you like to enjoy night life and party person. All the big hotels, best clubs, bars, connectivity are in city center. Just to head up in case you don’t know, city center is center area of a city. Which is why it is the point of attraction.

Since hotels in city center are bit expensive. You should start searching hotels from center toward away from center. Once you get a reasonable hotel, shortlist it. Now you need to check how the connectivity is from that hotel to city center and other places. If you go to night clubs and enjoy late night parties, you are going to miss the metro and buses which are cheapest mode of transportation in any country. If you miss these, you will have to book taxi which will cost you lot of money. In few countries like Indonesia, Thailand etc. you can hire scooter, so you don’t have to worry about transport at all.

If you don’t find a good and reasonable hotel near city center but want to stay in city center, you still have other options like Hostel and Apartment. You can easily find a hotel which will be a dormitory (sharing basis) and very cheap. Lots of hostel have even breakfast included which save a good money of yours. Apart from this you can find a place to stay on apartments through AIRBNB and Booking.    You can opt private room or room of sharing basis with different prices. You will get kitchen as well where you can cook whatever you want.

Since I am solo traveler, I prefer common room (room shared by both boys and girls) in hostels and apartments. It just not only saves my money, but I get chance to meet new people from all over the globe. I make new friends and sometimes we all enjoy the trip together and have lot of fun. People have different talents like singing, dancing, music etc. which brings more fun. Package tour cost amount and  more will be covered.

If you are traveling with family, you have to dig in and find a reasonable hotel as close as possible to city center.

Tourist places in city:

People usually waste lots of money on hiring guide as they don’t know the tourist places and story behind the respective place. I have visited many countries, but I never hired a guide and covered almost all the top tourist places. Spending little time on internet can save lot of money.

You have to list out all the tourist places in city sort them according the distance between each place. Doing this will save your time and you will be able to cover all the places in your list. Let me tell you how?

For example, there are 3 places A, B and C. Distance between A and B is 10 Km and the distance between A and C is 7 Km and B to C is 8 Km. Due to lack of information, people visit place A and then go to place B followed by Place C.

By doing this you are wasting lot of time in traveling and you are traveling 18 Km instead of 15Km . I would suggest you travel first A to C and the C to B.

In short you should cover the places which are close to each other and in same area/direction. Like this you can lit out the places, group them according to distance/area/ direction and cover each group of places each day. As you have Google map which tells you how far any place is in a second and tells you about transport. Yes takes some homework but it really helps you a lot and save money and time.

Get the currency:

The next important thing comes into picture is currency. If you are visiting any country, you must have local currency or international currency. People usually enter a country and buy the currency at airport which is very very expensive. When you plan trip, you must also keep eye on currency rate before 2-3 months. Like this you will get idea if the rate of currency is falling and rising and you can buy currency at right time. You don’t have to search currency rates every day on Goggle. There are lot of website which send notification every time particular currency falls of rises. You must buy currency in your own country.

There are few currencies which do not trade with your country so to get the respective currency in your home country is bit difficult. In that case you have below three options :

1.      Buy international Currency like Dollar or Euro in home country: But if you do this, it is going to cost you exchange rate two times, once when buy in your home country, and second when selling in destination country to get local currency.

2.      You can buy currency at airport: Again, this cost you a lot buying currency at airport.

3.      Withdraw local currency for ATM in destination country. This costs you international exchange rate.

International Travel Debit or Travel Credit card: 
Even if you carry the currency from you home country, you don’t know sometimes expenses goes beyond budget and expectation. Since you are on a trip, you would want to enjoy in every aspect and you would be willing to bear expenses out of budget.


In such cases if you are running out of currency, you don’t have any other source of currency unless you don’t have any relatives or friends in that country.

 These days all the banks provide international debit and credit card. But most of the time these are not activated for international transaction. So before leaving you must get the card activated. You can do it through internet banking or by calling customer care.

Don’t lose your credit card in foreign country, it could be misused as it won’t require PIN or OTP to complete the transaction. So be careful with your wallet.

Get appropriate visa: 

Visa is a mandatory to enter any country. There are many vise free countries like Indonesia, Maldives etc. for which you don’t have to take visa from your home country. You will get free visa stamp at emigration of destination country. But you will have to check this online which are free visa countries and which countries are eligible for free visa to enter respective country. 


There are countries which provide visa on arrival services. You don’t have to take visa from your home country, you can get visa at airport in destination country, but this take lot of time as you will be following long queue.

I would suggest taking visa in your home country and avoid the hassle.

You can check out how to get visa here.


Keep passport size and visa size photographs always with you:

For worst case scenario and in case of mood change, you must keep passport and visa size photographs with you. Suppose you go to a country and you make up your mind to visit another foreign country form that country, you will have to get visa of destination country. And you would need photo along with another required document. Or in case you stay in country more than the duration you have visa, to renew the visa you must have documents ready.

Light weight Luggage:

If you are regular traveler, you should carry limited stuff and avoid luggage. Excess luggage will cost you more at airport. Also, few airlines only allow cabin bag and cost additionally for check in luggage. Better to keep only cabin cab (you can have a traveler bag) which can hold all your stuff. Other reason is that you will be doing shopping in destination country and while coming back you going to have excess luggage. So, try to take limited cloths and avoid unnecessary things.

Learn basic words of local language:

English is not spoken in most of the countries but not in every country like, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia and other European countries. At few places like Airport, and shopping malls, they speak English but in country you will be facing communication problem.

Better to learn little bit of local language, Hi, How are you, Thank you, please, you are pretty, let’s go, may I, etc. these worlds are really going to help you and impress local people. Also, useful to make local friends or pick up girls.

Food and drinks:

Every country has their own food hence own taste. You might not like the local food or sometimes you love it surprisingly. So, you may take few snacks and noodle from home. Specially if you are vegetarian, you are going to face lot of trouble with food. Almost in every food is non-veg mixed. So be carefully while buying something or ordering anything in restaurants. Ask them before ordering.

In order to save money, you can book a hotel where free breakfast is included. You will get a normal breakfast like Bread, jam, jelly, butter, peanut butter, juice, milk, tea, coffee, corn flakes, choco flakes etc. which you are used to. Having a heavy breakfast will save your money of a meal. Moreover, you can try street food which is cheap, and you may get a chance to taste delicious local food.

Get best for travel insurance: 

Travel Insurance is very helpful and mandatory for few countries to get visa. Best travel insurance will keep your travel safe and tension free. You would be wondering which best travel insurance you should go for. There are plenty of option available these days like Bajaj, Hdfc, and many more you can find online or compare on bankbazar. Best travel insurance is like best travel pillow for you.

Holiday package Vs Own itinerary:

95% of the time own itinerary is reasonable over Holiday package from Travel agencies. But it turns into loss sometimes. This depends on the country you are traveling to, as different countries have different currency. You would like to opt many things but might not be able to afford in destination countries especially when you are traveling with family or for honeymoon.

For example if you are traveling to US, U.K, Europe (France, Germany, Netherlands,etc.),Dubai etc. where currency is too high. You might not be able to enjoy everything in your list. In order to do this, just spend some time on internet for the cheapest holiday package. They include many things whose costs if you compare online separately, you would find expensive.

Do compare everything they offer with package online, calculate accordingly and decide to opt it if it is beneficial. You can even opt a customized package. Just ask them to create a package for whatever you like and remove unwanted things.

Many of us having different phobia, few are scared of height, few are scared of water and other phobias. This is the time to get over it. Adventure is not just to overcome phobia, but it also encourages you for next trip, makes you feel alive, brings awesome feelings that you never had before. You will always be excited for your next trip. Always keep a separate budget for adventures. Bali (Indonesia) is best place for cheapest water sports. 

I have done lot of adventures/sports like Paragliding, Jet ski, Parasailing, Banana boat, Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Bungee jumping, Flyboard/Jet Pack, Skydiving and many more and I still go for the ones I have not tried yet. Trust me it boosts my trip.

This might excite you, check it out.


I would conclude the blog with My 50 Best travel tips

Select Continent then country according to budget.  
Prepare a rough itinerary. 

Track air fare. Try to get refundable tickets over non-refundable. Check if check in baggage is allowed.  
Also check out One day tour package to Wilson hills from Daman.
I want 10 days package trip to Bhadrachalam others place round trip.

Get Dummy flight instead of booking actual flight.  
Keep Light luggage. 

Track currency rate online so that you can get currency at best rate. 

Always pack a towel. 

You need a travel pillow. 

Book Hotel in advance. You can go for Hostel , Zostel, AirBnb, and many more

Website to get cheap hotel/Hostel/Zostel.  

You may take a dummy flight ticket (to get visa) instead of buying actual flight ticket.  

Study the country and city map.  

Explore all mode of transportation and connectivity to your accommodation and city center. 

Prefer Dormitory/AirBnb/Hostels with free breakfast included over costly hotels.  

Keep enough currency.  

You can get hotels on Hostelworld.  

Keep your Debit and Credit card activated for international transactions. Best travel credit card is 
always advisable.  

Try to avoid exchanging currency at airport.  

Get the left-over currency converted into international currencies which are worldwide accepted 
like Dollars and Euros at destination country. Because probably you won’t be able to sell the 
currency in your local country.  

Try 24*7 or 7*11 stores for cheap snacks. MacD, KFC, BurgerKing, are other options just to get 
over the taste of local food.  

Compare holiday package and own itinerary.  

Learn little bit of local language.  

Try at least one adventure.    

Try to cover at least two nearest countries to each other in a single trip. This will cost you bit 
more but will be very less than separate trip to that second country.   
List out tourist places and things to do in your itinerary and sort it based on area and time taken 
by each place.
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