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Friday, June 26, 2020

Top 100 Dofollow Backlinks Site List that ranks no. 1 in Google

Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks:

In this post we will discuss about the Dofollow and Nofollow Links . Although people tell me that be careful about the Dofollow and Nofollow links they are core technical SEO things. This  is not something obvious, but I always wanted to get into it I dig more and more. Then I got to know something like Linkbuilding and Pagerank. These are quite attached to the links dofollow and nofollow.

                           Dofollow and nofollow

Whenever we create a website or Blog we hire someone professional with knowledge on website, SEO, page ranking and all.

SEO: Why SEO is necessary for any company: 

I dig about SEO and found this is like a backbone of a website. Whatever I do, how hard work I do, until I get my hands into SEO, my website is not going to make it.

Dofollow and Nofollow links:

Before going further with Dofollow and NoFollow, let’s have a quick discussion about Linkbuilding and the Pagerank , so that we can get better glance about the importance of the links that are important in this post.


The Pagerank is the rank between 0 to 10 on google page. The better rank your website has, the more traffic your going to get. This is kind of  barometer by which the positioning of website is measured on the search engine. The more links and quality are pointing to a website, the more rating you will achieve and the Pagerank will be higher. Pagerank is very important for the website. If you don’t have good pagerank your not going to get traffic.



If we talk about the Linkbuilding, this  is a kind strategy that takes place in Digital Marketing . This helps your website to improve the positioning in Google.



Let’s talk about what are DOFOLLOW AND NOFOLLOW LINKS . These two are quite important concept to understand in detail .

What is a nofollow link?

A nofollow link is that contains a rel=”nofollow” in HTML code. You can identify Nofollow link by this attribute. This attribute tells google or any other search engine that don’t authorize the page from the linking page to the destination page of the link added. Therefore Noffollow links have very less values than Dofollow link from SEO point of view. Hence people prefer Dofollow over the Nofollow link.



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What is a dofollow link?

In Case of the Dofollow link, a link that successfully passes the authority just opposite to the nofollow link. Unlike Nofollow, you won’t find attribute like rel=”dofollow” in case of dofollow. If rel=”Nofollow” is not there, that means it is Dofollow.


Nofollow vs. dofollow:

If we talk about it technically there is only difference between Dofollow link and nofollow link is attribute rel=”nofollow”


Example of Dofollow link :

<a href=”>abhaytraveler</a>

 Tt means one page passed link to Another page.


Example of Nofollow link :

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>abhaytraveler</a>

One page does not pass link to another page .


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How to find out whether the link is nofollow?

 How to check Dofollow and Nofollow links is quite easy. If you want to know where the backlink is placed, the best way is to check the HTML code of the referring website:

What all you need is, just right click on the link and select Inspect or Inspect element (it depends on what browser are you using ) or you can also press Ctrl+Shift+I .


   100+ DoFollow Backlinks Site List – Rank No.1 In Google

I will provide 100 Dofollow and nofollow backlink website. You go to each one by one and mark you link.


70 and more DoFollow Backlink Website with High DA PA

I will provide 100 Dofollow and nofollow backlink website with high DA and PA. You go to each one by one and mark you link.


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