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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Blogger Contact Form not sending Email notification- Follow the trick

Blogger contact form widget is not delivering emails: This is how you can resolve it.


We have been working on blogger and created contact form. Blogger has inbuilt widget of Contact form. There are lot of solution on google to send email successfully from contact form but none of the solution works. All the code shared on internet does not help at all.  


I also tried the different codes but when I click the send button of my contact form nothing happens either I receive any email. I even tried to fix my blogger settings, removed and added admin mail id but it didn’t help. 


Contact form is quite important for a website and a blogger as well. Until blogger fix this issue itself you can try the below method of how to fix the error of a blogger contact form not delivering email notification. 


Blogger Contact Form not Sending Email - Here is the solution.


Please follow step by step method to create contact form that sends email notification on your email:


Google Forms: Google provides the contact form facilities but limited people know about it hence they can’t take advantage of this.

In this tutorial I will share how to create contact from for Blogger using Google Forms. Google form has many features few are listed below:


  • You can customize your Google Forms using a plethora of templates.
  • You can share your Google forms
  • You can embed your Forms in your Blogger or website
  • You can create a Google form with different questions.


Follow the steps of how to create Google Forms for Blogger Contact form:


Step1: To go Google forms :

Step2: Login with your Gmail ID and password.

                Blogger contact form

Step3: Create a new form or you can use an existing template.

Step4 : If you want to create new from, just click on + sign. I would suggest to select contact information template.

Template looks like this,

              Google contact form

You can make changes in this template according to your need.

                                  Blogger contact form

For example,

1, You have lot of option for a field.

                                    Blogger contact form widget is not delivering emails

2, You can make any of the sections required or not required by a click on button as given in screenshots.

                            Contact us form

3, If you do not want Address section or Phone number section you can simply delete it by clicking on delete button.

4, You can change description of any of the attribute.

5, You can Change the name of a field.


Step5: Once you are done, click on response tab, then click on option (three dots) .

                   Google Contact form

Step6: You have options either

1,you can get email notification

                  Email notification

2, Or you Select response destination – in this you can save you response in a spread sheet.

3, You can download or delete responses.


You have setting option to customize feature :

             Blogger setting

Step6: Once you are done, Click on Send button:

             Contact form

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How to create contact us Form for blogger- Tutorial :

You have four option to share your form:

  1. You can share your form on social media like Facebook and Twitter
  2. You can share a direct link of your Contact form with others so that can click on link and fill the form.
  3. You can share your form via email.
    You can embed it in your classroom blog or website This is what we want in this tutorial.


Step7: Copy the embed code of the form.

                    Embed code

Step8: Go to blogger and create new Page.

Step9: Go the HTML view of page and paste the code .

                   Contact page

Step10: Click on compose tab and you can see your contact form for blogger has been created.

                  Contact form


You can take a look at video tutorial of how to create contact us form for blogger.

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