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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

How To Create a Contact us Page in Blogger

How To Create a Contact us Page in Blogger to get it approved by Adsense


Why do we need Contact us page

There are four mandatory page for a website to fulfill web standards. 

Contact us

About us

Privacy policy


Without thes, it is very difficult to get your Website or Blogger approved for monetization by Adsense. Contact us page one of them . let's talk about how to create Contact us page using contact us Form in Blogger. 


Basic Steps to be executed:   

  1. Add Contact us Gadget.   
  2. Hide Gadget from Blogger. 
  3. Create Page and add contact us Page. 
  4. Link page you Navigation Menu.


How to Create CONTACT US Form: 

Step1: Login to Blogger and go to the LAYOUT section. 


Step2: Click on add Gadget. 


Step3: Select Contact us Form from the list. 


Step4: Click on Save to Save contact form Gadget. 

Step5: Go to Theme .

Step6: Click on HTML 


Step7: Select CONTACT FORM from the "Jump to Gadget" option. 


Or you can press Ctrl + F and type ContactForm . In short you have to search for Contact form Code in HTML.