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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Online Video gaming Review | | The Benefits - Internet Matters

I am big fan of Game and who is not these days. Since childhood, I have been playing games. The outdoor and indoor games were the only games I experienced. There was no online game concept back then. The time passed and eventually I came across the video game small device like mobile phone. I was very excited when I saw it first time in somebody’s hand.

It became my fantasy and one day I got it. Like everybody else, I couldn't sleep and always used to play on my video game device.

Now the era has completely evolved, and online gaming is leading the market. Almost everybody is in online gaming from Kids to adult. You can play online games even with people you don’t know which makes it crazier.

But the question is, Online gaming is safe or not?????

If you try to play online games, there are ample of websites that offer but are they all safe and provide what you looking for? NO. most of the websites are just to fetch traffic, lot of websites have irritating ads going on the site, you are scare to even press click button because you don’t know where that click will take you.  Because of ads you can’t find the content you are looking for.

Almost people from all age groups plays online games. There are lots of website out there which a quite inappropriate for Kids as the websites contains adult content. Many sites contain Malware, viruses, data stealing codes etc. which are harmful for you are your computers.

I searched a lot and came across “Google Safe Browsing site status” which check the site and examine it for you. Google Safe Browsing site status Working for a safer web . Google’s safe browsing technology test the URL and if the site is unsafe it show a warning message on web browser and google search so that you can get to know that whether the website is safe to visit or not.

I also did lot search to find the perfect gaming website . I tested these websites on Google Safe Browsing site status and many websites failed the test.

Finally, after spending lot of time, I came across a Gaming website called Play Free Online Video Games. This website not only passed the test but also impressed me with its game.  Here I feel safe to play anytime without wondering about any threat. 
The online reviews and comments on helped me building my strong trust in this website..

The best thing about is that the website is very basic which make it best to navigate. You don’t have to struggle just to find what you are looking for.
You can find all newly games at or you can find direct option of New Game on top of the website. I prefer to search whatever game I want to play, on the given search box and the game appears.
At the bottom they have catalog of all the games which is best to play favorite games.


My top game from catalog :  

  • I have few shortlisted games out of catalog which I regularly play.
  • 2 player
  • Adventure Time
  • Car
  • Card
  • Archery
  • Football
  • Soccer
  • Spelling
  • Sports
  • Star Wars
  • Ninja
  • Sudoku
  • Survival
  • Sword
  • Tank
  • Teen Titans Go
  • Tennis
  • Tom & Jerry
  • Typing
  • Valentine's Day
  • Word Search
  • Zombie
  • Chess
  • Christmas
  • Classic
  • Comic Book
  • Connect the Dots
  • Education
  • Escape
  • Fighting
  • Flying


My Top 10 Games on

There are many games I like on but there are few games I am fond of. Top 10 games are the ones I play a lot and would like to recommend.

1, Star Wars Rogue One Boots on the Ground Game:

2, Endless Siege Tower Defense Game :

3, Tetra Blocks: Neon Tetris-Inspired Line Making Game

4, Star Wars – X-Wing Fighter :

5, Brick Out - Breakout Arcade Game Inspired Brick Breaker

6, Footgolf Evolution :

7, Zombie Typing

8, Tank Wars

 10 Best Game Niche for Blogger in 2021 : 

Here are my 10 best game micro blog ideas for 2021:

  1. Game in a Game
  2. Giving reviews about the game
  3. Game tutorials
  4. Player versus Player
  5. Role Play
  6. The first impressions, like the first 60 minutes of the game
  7. Montages
  8. The Loot Box Openings
  9. Talking about game theories
  10. A walkthrough of full gameplay, blind run ,no commentary etc.


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