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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Top sights in Singapore

Top sights in Singapore:

                            Top things to do in singapore

 Welcome to Singapore .What's up everybody we are brain to you seven things to do and Singapore and right now we're here at the iconic rare Lions back this is the perfect stuff if you want to get a few of the very beautiful Singaporean skyline yen and I have been to Singapore quite a few times and we're now we're going to show you around this part before we take you to the rest of the places on our to get to redline Pike you just need to hop off an MRT stop the Fullerton hotel as you can see there's a city-state behind me with all those banks but what you're here to see is of course the famous mer language spent at eight point six meters high it's seven official ones recognized around.


The most famous over here you've got the completely iconic Marina Bay Sands pretty baller to say there though is about six hundred bucks a night so as you play with my sister and brother and local free thanks guys and there's a little baby Merlion suit. Another place to visit when you're in Singapore is Haji Lane. It's very quirky vibrant full of independent fashion boutiques.

Top things to do in Singapore


Middle-eastern cafes and street art the kind of shops that you can expect to find here a really unique and cool from pop art to anything like customizing your sandals and definitely keeps of local fashion too and with help vibrant the entire Leila's differently and Instagram for every location.


THE 10 BEST Things to Do in Singapore – 2020:

                                      top things to do in singapore

Peter and I've been to Singapore a couple of times before we visited the night safari the Singapore Zoo the aquarium that's on Sentosa and we're rounding it off now with Jurong bird park on this visit by the end of this trip we're going to have a think about which one's our favorite muscle for the animal attraction packs you'll pay between thirty to fifty dollars per person here at Jurong bird park we paid $30 per adult welcome please reason why I love good so much is because as a youngster I love dinosaurs and to me birds are like the modern equivalent of what dinosaurs are let's go see what we can spot around here now


This place is given me Indiana Jones spice mixed in with Jurassic Park and if you can make you feel like that you know you're on to a winner so we've just finished the walk through a barrier here Jurong bird park and it was definitely the highlight it's worth seeing this just alone and we've had a think about all our favorite animal activities here in Singapore and we've got to say the zoo is definitely the best value if you're looking for a general wide sweep of different animals.


Other than that I would say Jurong bird park is my number two especially at the end the birds as well so massive thumbs up awesome sign awesome hundred and eighty two point seven square kilometers to give you context us is about fifteen thousand times the size and you can also fit and make tofu back number two sang Neela Otama of France first came to this island and cordless place Singapura which means Lion City because he thought he saw a lion little did he know there aren't actually any lions here final fact there's only three city states in the world and Singapore is one of them together with Vatican City and Monaco.


50 Best Tours and Things To Do in Singapore in 2020:

                                     top things to do in singapore

Something to do in Singapore is definitely shopping from Street markets to high-end shopping. Singapore has an assortment of also suits everyone we're currently here on Orchard Road which is the top destination for children so catered in the central cities there are more whether you're looking for luxury high-end fashion water roads but you covered the tourists in Singapore have you spent over $100 on any purchase and practice setting stores you can claim your GST back up in Chinatown is where you want to set up or if you're looking for more general cheapest then we'll stop a center over in Little India as well you should check out as you can see it's super busy here especially on the weekends so let's go check out what's next on our list



another one of the things that you have to do when you're in Singapore is visit Sentosa Island we're currently on the drawbridge right now at the beach and we're Going to show you guys all around this place let's go


forget the Sinto so you have a few options walk from vivo city for free we'll catch the return MRT for $4 or if you want the Beus cable car round trips and 35 if you like your beaches if there's two major spots that you want to check out at Singapore you've got Sentosa which has with nice swimming beaches and then you've got East Coast beaches which is benefit whooping and cycling so another thing you guys are going to need to realize there's a pretty huge spot.



Best Things to Do in Singapore - Best Attractions in Singapore:

If you guys would want to go around you can actually catch a free bus at the bus station which is located right and resort world it's Universal Studio tickets here are $79 for a whole day party so you've also got a madam two sons wax museum where you can see celebrities and their Waxman prices here are 42 bucks but if you want to save yourself a little bit of money you might want to go online and get it this guy there are plenty of restaurants located of resort world and nearby you can also into the Merline $18 for view or while you're feeling a little bit of interest might want to get on.


lose $27 free rides looks like it's run by Scylla which is actually the same Cluj company that's in New Zealand and that wraps up our overview of sentosa island if you wanted to be able to do all the things thoroughly you could easily spend multiple days here we only scratch the surface between a fun trip on to the next side but now one of the things you must do when you come to Singapore is visit Gardens by the bay we've decided to come here at dusk it's so that we can catch the remaining light and then the night show later on tonight so if you're visiting Gardens by the bay it is free to walk around this entire place but if you want to do some of the paid activities you can do the Skyway which cost you $8 or you can do the world's largest indoor waterfalls which will cost you 20 bucks.


BEST Places to Visit in Singapore in 2020 :

                                             top things to do in singapore

12:53 is 50 meters high and that's the equivalent of a 16-story building and Gardens buffet there are 11 super trees in total right now we're waiting for the light show to come on at 7:45 p.m.



We've just finished watching the light show and doing the Skywalk it's quite a long queue and a bit of a way to this allocated time slots but once you're up there the views are pretty spectacular and that wraps up our time here at Gardens by the bay so the final thing that you tap the have to do when you're in Singapore it's visit a foggy sienna right now we're one for and I'm going to be joined by some people local Singaporeans who actually watch our show from here Pedro is sorry you could safely say that walkers are one of our favorite places to go to in Singapore the sights the smells and most importantly the flavorswho is reasonably priced and it's we can expect to find order locals.


So guys with all that said where are we eating Singapore Freight or give me a favorite make this right.

The first thing that caught my eye I said that was very different to the kind of Hulk in me that we get to New Zealand the Malaysian Slovakia beam which is attacked and soya sauce .


back here and a whole lot of skinny yellow our signatures let's get in for the tape. We're Going to try this tiny little chilly and chilly with a tiny bit of lime as well gives us that extra nice and that wraps up seven about topics Phuket and Singapore is taking in and I a couple of days before borders footage together but we really do hope you guys have enjoyed it.

Must Visit Attractions in Singapore:


                                                   top things to do in singapore

Singapore is an island country and goes by many names SG spor Singh Lion City I personally like to call Singapore the island up forever summer it's humid all year long and there's only one season summer Singapore is tiny in comparison to its neighboring countries you can drive from east to west in less than an hour without traffic of course but don't underestimate Singapore some of the best things come in small packages and now I reveal to you the 21 things to do in Singapore hungry for cheap local foods head over to a hawker center with only $20 you can eat a feast one of my favorite hawker centers is Chomp Chomp where you can get barbecue stingray and the tastiest chicken wings order sugar cane juice to cool you down from the Singaporean heat and humidity it's so touristy but so worth it save for a leisure walk at Gardens by the bay even locals approve particularly the cloud forest during the day Club Street is very shy a calm night drunken merry making spills out onto the street talk about major Jekyll-and-hyde club street is a hotspot for expats don't just hang out in the first floor areas make sure you look up restaurants and dancing is in the upper floors as well a festive walk under lanterns head on over to pagoda Street in Chinatown.


There is no shortage of souvenirs souvenirs and souvenirs within walking distance are mouth-watering dishes such as chili crab steamed buns fried buns frog porridge and ice kacang aside from the food perhaps you'd fancy a Chinese opera learn about its history and watch performances as you enjoy tea and dessert.


Religious or not the Buddha Tooth Relic temple just might take your breath away located in Chinatown this five-story temple is set to house the left canine tooth of the Buddha its authenticity is questioned as the tooth sits inside a gold stupa on the fourth floor lay your eyes in the room filled with 10,000 buddhas and relax on the rooftop garden where believers spin a prayer wheel what is that it kind of looks like a boat actually it's Marina Bay Sands also known as MBS MBS is a place to go for brand-name shopping and high-end dining the three high buildings of envy us has a luxury hotel even if you're not staying overnight.



Free and Cheap Things to Do in Singapore:

 Feel free to stroll through and savor the architecture inside the boat at the top contains an infinity pool available to hotel guests be sure to dab on extra sunscreen the rooftop pool is so high up that you'll noticeably feel the heat rise on your body and if you're not a hotel guest you can still enjoy the view in another section of the rooftop at the lower level of mvs is a food court an ice rink and boat rides and amongst the luxury brands there's even a 7-eleven all Singapore is called the Lion City it is said that no Lions actually lived here however there is a Merlion statue as guardian of Singapore the Merline is believed to bring good feng shui near the Merlion.

                             top things to do in singapore

You'll get a scenic view of MBs whether you're Muslim or searching for Turkish food absorb the bustling late-night vibes at Arab Street at its heart is a Masjid certain mosque


one straight away is Haji Lane filled with indie boutiques street art and cafes enjoy a cozy afternoon stroll whether you come alone or with friends they've even got selfie coffee what get your face printed on foam.


Drinking in Singapore can be very pricey due to the quote unquote syntax is to discourage people from alcohol consumption however there is hope if it's Wednesday evening head over to Clark Key ladies dress up and gain free entrance and score drinks to the hottest clubs no freebies for men.

But gentlemen you should dress up too because there will be many fish in the sea for you to catch during the day Clark Key offers boat rides and a quiet stroll by the river.


Singapore Heritage Festival - Join a Tour‎:

Craving for vegetarian food need a converter even if it's 3 a.m. in the morning do your ears need candling you can find it all in little India walk down Serangoon Road and you'll soon feel like you're in India especially on Sundays when the local Indians have the day off and flock to this neighborhood check out the 24-hour Mustafa Center and be sure to wear appropriate attire to enter temples maybe get a henna while you're at it ladies and gentlemen welcome to shopping heaven Orchard Road but a couple locks on your credit card because Orchard is filled with fashionable temptations malls such as Paragon carrying luxury goods.


While Far East Plaza cater to those on a budget there's something for everyone where do you go in Singapore when the weather is perfect when it's not too humid nor rainy why Singapore Botanic Gardens of course the day I visited the Straits Times held their 170th anniversary concert look at all these people Fanning themselves how amusing it is to see the stage surrounded by air conditioners lol only in Singapore for a little bit of everything in all sorts of diets Holland village is a must.


Holland village is home to international cuisine it's no wonder that expats love Holland village there's even a hawker center and a handful of lovely cafes near the Changi Airport is Geylang an area of food with delicious local bites including frog porridge and bucket in ladies if you walk around gay long at night men may approach you more than usual why gay long is a red-light district.


Although Singapore is quite safe be aware of your surroundings interestingly there are many temples scattered around the red-light district.


Things to do in Singapore - coolest places and Best attractions:

                                    Universal Studio

Singapore is a very glossy country with new buildings being constructed 24/7 for some quiet time with nature take the bus to the kranji countryside catch a lunch at Bollywood veggies and stroll through their garden bring your sneakers couse you might end up walking a lot there's even a goat farm there where you could try to goat milk and there's even a frog farm if you don't mind having fun in a commercial sort of way make sure you catch some waves at Sentosa it's a popular island resort that is home to Universal Studios Singapore is also an aquarium that's worth visiting but my favorite thing to do


chill on the beach and party at the bars of course some tourists visit Singapore just for the shopping who can blame them this Lion City provides material satisfaction for all budgets searching for cheesy souvenirs and affordable clothes bougas Street is for you you can haggle prices good news is most vendors speak English remember to bring cash you'll have more leverage does your body need a good dose of Korean barbecue the Koreatown and Tanjong Pagar reminds me of the Koreatown in Los Angeles although the meats tend to be more expensive than the state's if you need your car be then you got to get your car v you could grow your own meat or have someone grill it for you


you can't say you've been to Southeast Asia without eating some durian even if you don't see it you will smell it call the king of fruits durian is described as being creamy hours after you eat this fruit you will burp and re taste that durian in your mouth.


Enjoy durians in Chinatown and gala are you into urban exploration across the street from Dempsey Hill stands Astana wood Nick an abandoned mansion once owned by the 21st Sultan of Johar the building was completed in 1892 for the Sultan's fourth wife in 1942 the mansion was used as a military hospital upon Japanese bombing that burned 700 medics and patients to death Astana wood knock was abandoned for decades watch your step on the wooden stairs and get refreshing chills while staring into dark spaces hope you enjoyed this tour of the Lion City Singapore will make your poor sing get it sing a poor Singapore weather you're not you're poor sing they'll certainly see sweating are you Singaporean or have been to Singapore what are your favorite things to do here let us know in the comment section thanks your awesome love.

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