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Monday, June 15, 2020

How to increase youtube subscriber

How to get increase youtube subscriber.


People are working quite hard these days to create Youtube channel and make it work. We are in a highly competitive era and there are lot of better Contech online on youtube and quite hard to get viewers on your channel.

Of course, good content is key of a successful Youtube channel. Google demand at least 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hours to apply for monetization which mean until you meet these criteria you won’t be eligible for monetization. Lot of us find it very difficult to achieve these criteria.


People often find on google that top Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube , How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers , Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers, How to Double Your YouTube Subscribers Without Buying , Simple Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers, How to get subscribers on YouTube , tried-and true tactics and lot more but they fail to find a trick that is working .


Here is how to Increase YouTube Subscribers and get at least 100 subscriber per day.  


Visitors usually go to your channel and watch video but they don’t hit the subscribe button. What if you force them to hit it? You will get a new subscriber right away.

You need to find these simple step and you will be able to perform this trick successfully.


Step1: Go to browser, open Youtube. Do not login your Youtube channel. You will see SUBSCRIBE option like this.


 Youtube Subscriber

Step2: Copy your channel link in a Notepad.


Step3 : Add below code to end of your Youtube channel link.





For example if your Youtube channel is :

Adding code at the end of your channel link would be like below :


Step4: Copy this link and give in URL of browser, hit enter and you will get a pop up like below on screen with question that “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO SUBSCRIBE TO ‘channel name’ that have two options:


1, Cancel

2, Subscribe