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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Convert Word to PDF or DOC to PDF online


Word to PDF - Convert your DOC to PDF for Free Online:


These days things have been very convenient at just one click away. We are living in a world of technology where we are dealing with soft copies instead of hard copies of everyday work.

                         Word to PDF

We are dealing with different type of soft files like WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, HTML, EBOOK and many more. There are number of websites who provide services like Convert Word to PDF, Documents DOC to PDF, IlovePDF, Best Word to PDF Converter: Convert DOCX Docs Online, Convert Doc to PDF Online FREE, Word to PDF Converter – 100% Free , Convert Word To PDF - Convert your Word document To PDF, Best PDF Converter: Create, Convert PDF Files Online (FREE) and lot more.

No need to worry, You will be provide you link of all the website that provide all the document related services for free.


Why we need to convert Files:

Converting files is not only required but mandatory in different scenarios. Like compressing a file. These days if you are registering on a website, the website ask you to upload photos, and other document and specify the space limit or each document. There are lot of operation we need to perform on these files.

For Example, if we have to upload a photo, we click a photo by our cellphone. These days smartphones have high quality camera, if we click one picture, it would be at least a size of 5MB. But while uploading a picture website allow only 300KB, 500KB , 1 MB or other less size image. This is when compression comes into picture.

You can compress the image online just by one click and you are done. Like this there are lot more service available online according to your need.


Below are the services we can benefit online:


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Convert to PDF:

Sometimes we a requirement or concern website allows file only in PDF format, but we have file in some other format, then we have to convert file into PDF. Why website prefer PDF format is that PDF occupy very low space in comparison to other formats. This is a big advantage of PDF file.



Sometimes we have requirement to upload out JPG image in PDF format. Then we have to convert JPG to PDF online for free.

Word To PDF:

Converting WORD to PDF is very easy and it does not require online service for conversion.

To convert DOC to PDF or WORD to PDF you just have to click on save as on WORD document , then give desired file name , and in the file type option, choose the “ PDF (*.pdf)” from drop down and save in desired location . You word file will be converted to PDF format.

You can perform this action online as well by simply uploading DOC file and convert to PDF and download PDF file.


Powerpoint To PDF:

Another conversion and Powerpoint to PDF. This operation is also possible by using online services.


Excel to PDF:

Excel to PDF is very useful operation in the worlds to technology. This is very widely used operation worldwide.



This operation is use mostly by developer to perform the desired action while developing the code.


Open Office to PDF:

Open office to PDF can also be performed by just one click. All you have to do is upload, convert and download.


Ebook to PDF:

The are lot of Ebook available online that you can convert into PDF file and access it anywhere.


iWorks  to PDF:

iWork to PDF is not widely used but very useful in professional life if your work in based on iWork.


Convert From PDF:

We have other requirements where we have to convert PDF file into some other format. This operation mostly comes into picture when we need to edit PDF content and PDF file is not editable.

                                   PDf to any format



You can convert your PDF file into and image format by availing online services.

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PNG is another image format. As sometimes you have requirement to use image only in PNG format. You can perform this operation online as well.



PDF to word conversion comes into picture mostly when we have requirement to edit content of a PDF file. But editing PDF is not possible. There is most common operation that people look for that how to convert PDF to word, How to Convert PDF to DOCX, How to convert PDF to DOC of how to edit PDF file. All you have to do is,

                              PDF to word

1, Convert PDF to DOC

2, Make changes in your content

3, Convert it back to word/DOC.  


PDF to Powerpoint:

You can convert PDF to totally into Powerpoint online.


PDF to Excel:

PDF can also be converted into EXCEL online just one click away.


                              PDF to any format


Sometimes we need different format of PDF. Hence PDF to PDF/A is also an easy operation online.


Merge PDF:

Merging PDF is widely used operation . that can be executed online.


Split PDF:

You can split PDF file into parts is another operation online.


Compress PDF:

This operation is rarely used as PDF already occupy very low storage.


Remove Pages From PDG:

You can add or remove a particular page form PDF online.


Extract PDG Pages:

Extracting a PDF page is also possible by availing free online services.


Edit PDF:

You can not edit PDF online as well as offline.


Rotate PDF:

Sometime image or other data is not in correct direction in PDF file, you can rotate PDF in that case.


Add Page Number to PDF:

You have privilege to add more pages to PDF as well.


Protect PDF:

Securing a soft copy is big concern these days for maintaining compliance these days. Protecting your file and maintaining a secure data is possible online using PDF security.

                                  Protect PDF

Add Watermark to PDF:

Holding a copyright on your content is a big concern these days. Adding watermark to PDF comes into picture in such case. Watermark also has purpose for promoting data, website, company etc.


Delete PDF page:

You can delete particular page from PDF file by using online services.


PDF Security:

Securing a soft copy is big concern these days for maintaining compliance these days. Protecting your file and maintaining a secure data is possible online using PDF security.


PDF & E-Signatures:

You can add E-Signature to PDF file these days which is quite an efficient and useful feature of validate pdf file.


Below are list of mostly used website for above operations:

1,Freepdfconverter .com








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